Travel together with your jewelry

Theme one: Kiss from the solar through Evita Peroni
In Arizona, experience the new air blows; in Brazil, beats passion dance Samba or espresso shop and have a great loosen up on lengthy beach island. Pack up your luggage and jumped at the deck, Evita Peroni make you landed in sunny summer paradise, allow us to revel in this journey.

Inspiration from the mesmerizing beach, wilderness sunset, full of exclusive tropical plant life and the original call, our Chief Designer Kate Knudsen makes you to remote mainland thru this season’s. Allow your adventure in this lovely, at ease and carefree splendor. In the summer season of 2012, full of tour air, and delightful rings designs will make you seem comfortable commuting trips, which is straightforward to hold with unique style.

In the summer time, human beings want to revel in the Sunshine. This series is like a selection of shiny and contrasting shades, tropical fashion Totem and wore cool festive cocktail. Color has a summer environment complete of citrus, lemon, raspberry, ardour orange … These bold factors of passion and color is our endless source of notion, massive Emerald leather vegetation, like daylight scattered pattern of imprinting and present day of multi-degree modulation acetate fibers into the wine glass of splendid and rich colour. Good mood is the high-quality style trends of this season.

Popular elements of this collection
Sen BA rhythms, sporting leather-based for a crowd watching tropical plant life, jewelry findings beads fabricated from pistil on hair add-ons and elegant black tissue flap, you’re bound to be the point of interest in crowd.

Cafe long seaside Island swimming pool birthday celebration get dressed up do you have got any pointers? Lively excessive evaluation coloration on it. Put for your bikini and hair accessories to convey you a flower totem of Pinus massoniana.

Cannes Film Festival choicest of the extra pricey of the massive flower hair add-ons assist you to without difficulty gained the gang’s eyes, whether it’s miles a marriage or cocktail of a swimming pool is the quality healthy.

Summer OASIS faceted glass beads used for reducing woven technique makes complicated of extraordinary layout, shining within the Sun. Sky blue beads right into a multi-purposeful headscarf could make you summer time splendor.

Theme two: the rhythm of nature by Evita Peroni
She has a passion for all matters natural and individual. At the identical time, she is easily attractted through remote and mysterious continent. Exploring new matters, journey, artwork, and artists exchange, meals and all styles of exceptional cultural enjoy changed into her way of existence.

Her dress apparel and jewellery used need to be able to match the tour desires and easy to carry, both from city to rural, from dry to wet areas. In her bag, there are scarf, bracelet of the layer, multiple layers of woven cord and smooth leather-based flower with a retro feel.